How to Get the Most Out of Your Acupuncture Sessions.



  •    It is not optimal to come hungry, thirsty or rushed to a treatment. Please eat a few hours before treatment and do not come full of caffeine, using recreational drugs, or while fasting.


  •   After treatment do not do anything to excess including, physical exercise, shopping, hot baths, social events, over eating, drinking, recreational drugs, or anything that is taxing to the body. Try not to drink, eat or use the bathroom for twenty minutes after treatment; doing so could reduce the efficacy of the treatment  


  •   If possible, allow the rest of the day to be relaxing and allow the treatment and the body to work.  Most people feel better and return to normal activity too soon. Aggravation comes from loading the muscles too soon before they have had enough time to heal completely. 


  •   Age, degree of problem, medications, stress level, surgical history, work situation, nutrition and more can hamper the full effects of acupuncture helping your body to heal itself. If you are particularly nervous before the first treatment it may take a couple of treatments for your nervous system to adjust. 


  • Physical therapy, chiropractic and massage can be done before or after an acupuncture session. Please inform us of any same-day medical therapies.


  •   China and Japan treat more often and longer than we do in the states. Often patients are seen three or more times a week. However, China has a socialized medical system. It may be cost or time prohibited here to do the same but it should be kept in mind for prognosis evaluation. Studies do tell us that acupuncture is cumulative and is more effective after 10-15 treatments.


  •    It is better not to try to test the acupuncture by stopping your medication. It is best to stabilize the body with acupuncture and once feeling quite well for a couple weeks consult your physician on reduction of your medication.


  •   Please wear comfortable clothes to allow access to your elbows and knees. Shorts/baggy clothes, and sandals work well.
  • "No scents is good sense!"  Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to your appointment.  Some patients are chemically sensitive.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!