Why Pick Here

* Board Certified and State Licensed (AP762)

* Accredited Masters and accredited Doctorate in Acupuncture

* Over twenty years practicing full time in Palm Beach County


* Externships in Shanghai, New York, and San Francisco hospitals.  

* Lived and trained in Japan for four years in healing and martial arts

* Complete Acupuncture healing practice- not an add on service 


In 1996, Cameron Bishop came to West Palm Beach area to visit family. He fell in love with Florida, and moved to join a local medical practice, thus becoming one of the few acupuncturists in the area. He came with the first accredited masters degree in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. He was quickly recognized and since 1999, has taught at Atlantic College of Oriental Medicine as a professor. Meanwhile, his practice grew to be in the top 3% busiest in the country.  He has completed over one hundred thousand treatments, and has successfully put in over a million needles. His gentle, effective techniques honed by combining the best of several acupuncture styles, have brought him to the top of his field.

As time has marched on, many of his students have set up shop in the South Florida. Cameron again, led the field by obtaining the first accredited doctorate degree (DAOM) in Palm Beach County, bringing his total graduate education to six years after University. His doctorate ecompasses Integrative Medicine of Pain Management and Women's Health, including doctoral level training in Chinese hospitals, externships in the US hospitals in Ob/Gyn, neurology and pain management.  

Dr. Bishop's Palm Beach Acupuncture endeavors to keep prices low in order to help the most people.  It is neither a mill practice- or a circle of lawn chairs using cookie cutter tecniques. It is not an exercise studio with a random add on service, nor is it ad gimmicks, and high pressure. Often, patients along with their families become part of the office's community of healing, and whole families for generations come. It is a time tested experienced complete acupuncture practice.


Considering the experience, education, efficacy and skills of Dr. Bishop this is the acupuncture physician you want.