Palm Beach Acupuncture


 DAOM Japanese Acupuncture Externship Week

Dr. Bishop and staff offer a one-week extensive Japanese Meridian Therapy Class that qualifies for externship credit for most DAOM programs. This class includes daily study, practice and clinical observation. Dr. Bishop has a succesful practice, and his program teaches effective treatments, patient interaction and business.

What students are saying:

“Cameron is a master in Japanese Meridian Therapy, and studying with him changed my practice. I learned to read and feel the abdomen. For the first time, a pulse system has made sense to me.

I learned to employ a number of JMT techniques that I now use in my clinic daily. I feel more confident and treat my patients more effectively.

Cameron is a generous and successful acupuncturist and what he offered me is many years of experience treating patients successfully”.

Heather B. Colorado Licensed Acupuncturist



“Working, learning and training with Cameron is simply invaluable. He is truly a master of his craft, and a rare professional in this field willing to share his many years of experience.

The volume alone in his clinic will provide valuable lessons and techniques you can take to your clinic and immediately put to use.

The way I treat my patients daily is based on everything I’ve learned from Cameron. Without him, I would not be where I am today".

-Michael Fiorani, Dipl.OM, L.Ac
"I feel very fortunate for my experience with Dr. Cameron Bishop at
Palm Beach Acupuncture. Dr. Bishop's style of Japanese acupuncture was
different from what I had been exposed to in school, and watching him
treat patient after patient shed light on how even the most subtle
techniques can have immensely powerful effects. His knowledge and
experience are vast, which shows in the results his patients get and
the confidence they have in him. Most of all, he is a fun, easygoing,
and generous teacher - I was always excited for the day and always
left with a positive glow".
 Falko Kriel, L.Ac.  

Japanese Sword Classes

Ni Ten Ichi Ryu is the double sword style of Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi is famous for writing the "Go Rin No Sho"(Book of Five Rings) and for having sixty victorious battles to the death. I studied for four years at the Musashi Dojo in Kumamoto Ken. I currently teach it with permission and occasionally return with students to train in Japan. To my knowledge I am the only non-Japanese to complete the study in this famous art.


Troy Mills  Yoga is a gifted Yoga teacher who has trained in the US and India.Troy is available for privates session and works at the Trump Spa Mar-a-lago and International Polo Club.