Help With Your Insurance



It is commonly advertised by acupuncturists "Most Insurances Accepted". This is factually true, but the reality is that most insurance companies do not accept Acupuncture. Medicare at this juncture in time does not cover acupuncture. It is excluded by law. Usually the secondary medicare insurance does not either. Talk to your congressman to help change this. 

If you are interested in seeing if your insurance covers acupuncture, you are welcome to call our office. The most direct route is to check your insurance book to see if acupuncture is on the excluded list. If not on the excluded list, call your insurance company to ensure acupuncture is still covered. Ask what conditions your plan covers. Be sure to write down the date, the name of the person you spoke with, and the conversation number. We are a Cigna provider. We will gladly give receipts for Flex Pay. We will be happy to help you through this process. Our phone number is 561-533-7475.

Florida PIP benefits in the past covered acupuncture and massage, but Governor Scott did away with your rights. Please support having acupuncture again under your PIP car insurance by contacting your state representative.

Our prices are reasonable considering the reputation, experience, education and concern that Dr. Bishop brings to his patients. Please call us today with any questions: 561-533-7475


Cancellation Policy:

To assist our office in keeping our rates as affordable as possible, we request 24 hours cancellation notice, and charge a eighty dollar No Show/Late Cancellation Fee. We often have a waiting list and prompt notice to our office will allow others to be treated. 


New Patient Credit Card Reservation:

In order to insure your new patient booking we request a credit card holding. A one hundred dollar no show fee will be charge for less than 24 hours cancellation notice. This helps keep our office from having to raise rates to all.