Facial Rejuvenation

There are many factors that are known to prematurely age your face. Avoiding them along with some good genetic luck can go a long way. You may not know there are a variety of non-traditional methods involving the principles of Oriental Medicine and homeopathy.


Let us start with what we do know. Sun, smoking and poor diet ages you the quickest. Avoiding processed foods and eating a primary food diet full of vegetables over the long term is very helpful.


There are a couple traditions from Oriental Medicine that are helpful for facial rejuvenation. The first is to use many small acupuncture needles placed under the wrinkles. The body reacts and builds extra tissue, which pushes out the wrinkle thus smoothing the face. This works best with those having existing collagen. If you pull the skin on the back of your hand and it does not snap back then you are probably are not going get great results. This style involves dozens of needles. The number of treatments depends on the amount of your wrinkles.


Another acupuncture facial rejuvenation style places less needles, but bigger and attaches electrical stimulation to the needles to stimulate the muscles to tighten the face up. It is more dramatic and sometimes more effective on a drooping face. It is counter indicated if you have a pacemaker. This requires at least ten weekly to biweekly sessions.


Out of the homeopathic traditions comes a method of using FDA regulated sterile injectable homeopathic solutions that encourage the facial skin to create more collagen and elastic type cells. This requires at least ten weekly sessions. The results are cumulative. The younger you start the better the results and easier the maintenance. Follow ups can be done every few months to keep the results up. This is a system I use and recommend. It is not as dramatic as surgery or Botox but it much safer and completely natural. I use it myself. 


Adding a good facial cleansing and facial cream routine is crucial too. Finding a good skin esthetician whom can determine your skin type, and proper routine can have amazing results.


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