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Female Fertility and Oriental Medicine
Three Models for Increased Success.
By Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac.
Copyright 2011

There are several models of using Oriental Medicine and fertility treatments. The first is to simply use acupuncture and herbs, and nothing else. The second is to use western tests to rule out any large impediments to pregnancy and continue with Oriental Medicine using western tests to monitor results.The third is to use acupuncture to increase the success of various western procedures, such as IVF. All three are applicable to various situations and preferences.

To become pregnant depends on your age, health, medical history, diet, and lifestyle. If the cycle is confused, then herbs regulating or mimicking the cycle are needed to normalize it. This may take a few cycles. It is a good idea to have your partner tested. If his test results are not ideal, acupuncture and herbs can be helpful. Many factors contribute to treatment time and part of it is still is kismet. I have seen cases of women in their early forties becoming pregnant in a couple of tries, while a young couple with every western test saying they are ready, tries for years. Any fertility specialist will note there is a "God" factor involved too.

Using acupuncture and herbs solo is the least invasive but effective. Using acupuncture along with the knowledge of western tests, such as, hormone levels, egg viability, sperm counts, and ultra sound to see the general working order of the system can decrease frustration and help target the treatments. The combination of using acupuncture to enhance IVF has been successfully shown in some studies. Acupuncture and herbs can be used to strengthen the general constitution to allow the body to ready for fertilization, natural or otherwise.

Most couples are impatient for results. They want to be getting plump in the next few weeks. A healthy young couple naturally trying has about 25% chance each cycle. Despite the best efforts, it is still like shooting a dart and going for a bull's eye. Acupuncture increases the precentage each time you try. Adding healthy living, lifestyle and herbs can increase the percentage further.

"Infertility" is generally defined as trying two years without success. Most acupuncture text books talk of it being a one year process. Although I have seen one treatment do wonders, it is the exception rather than the rule.

The Uterus in Chinese Medicine is called Zigong or "Child's Palace". The secret to success is to keep it warm, happy and well nourished. To keep this in mind and to implement can increase your chances for pregnancy.

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Male Fertility

Acupuncture and herbs can help increase the amount, and quality of the sperm in most males. It generally requires one to three months of treatment as the sperm life span is 72 days. Acupuncture can also be relaxing experience. I have successfully helped many males with this issue.