Dr. Cameron Bishop's biography highlights:


  • Over twenty four years practicing Acupuncture full time in Florida (over 150k treatments)
  • Nationally board certified (NCCAOM #7152), and Florida state licensed (AP762)
  • Bachelors in Psychology and Anthropology from Seattle Pacific University 
  • Accredited "Masters in Acupuncture" from Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Accredited "Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine" from American College Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupoint Injection Therapy qualified under Florida State License 
  • Trained in the USA, Japan, China, and Europe (Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Hospital externships in Shanghai, New York, and San Francisco in OB/GYN and Pain Management
  • After University, six years of graduate level education in Oriental Medicine 
  • Professor of Japanese Acupuncture at ATOM, adjunct professor in California Doctoral programs
  • Locally teaching at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine since 1999 training scores of acupuncturists in South Florida
  • Online instructor for Pacific College of Health Sciences doctoral program where he developed their Integrative Pain Management course 


On his eighteenth birthday Cameron received his first health care license as an EMT-I in Nevada State where he worked in ER, ambulance and state parks during summers while attending Seattle Pacific University from where he obtained a degree in Psychology and Anthropology (1988). Cameron then lived, worked and studied in Japan for four years learning both healing and martial arts. Upon his return, he furthered his studies at NIAOM graduating with an accredited "Masters in Acupuncture" degree (1996). He also earned an accredited "Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine" degree (DAOM Class of 2010) from the "American College of Traditional Oriental Medicine" in San Francisco becoming the first "DAOM" in Palm Beach County.  His doctorate specialized in "Women's Health" and "Pain Management". His doctoral capstone research was on Japanese Acupuncture techniques for fertility. He also received a "Japanese Acupuncture Certificate", and a three year Daoist "Qi Gong Certificate" from NIAOM (1996). Both indicating additional training in those subjects. He also graduated from the "Advanced Toyohari Acupuncture Training Program" in Amsterdam. Cameron is a board certified Diplomat of the NCCAOM (#7152), and licensed in the State of the Florida (AP762). He has also trained on the doctoral level at Yue Yang Hospital of Integrative Medicine, and Yang Pu District Central Hospital affiliated with the famous Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China. His doctoral work has included practicing in hospitals in San Francisco, New York, Republic of China, and clinics in Japan. Dr. Cameron's doctoral capstone was research on Japanese Acupuncture techniques for fertility.

With over thirty years in the health care, and related fields including over twenty years of full time acupuncture practice. He has worked in multiple US, Chinese and Japanese hospitals, and US Osteopathic, and chiropractic offices. Cameron's style of acupuncture combines the experience, intuition, and grounded education in American, Korean, Chinese and Japanese traditions of acupuncture. He has trained in the US, and Japan in Five Phase (Element) Acupuncture, meditation and Qi Gong. He has trained in Shanghai China in Chinese acupuncture and Tuina. Cameron has studied many times in Japan including in Japanese speaking only training sessions, including special invitation trainings with top Japanese master acupuncturists. 

Cameron is the "Professor of Japanese Acupuncture" at Atlantic College of Oriental Medicine where he teaches Japanese Acupuncture and the TCM of Gynecology. Since he has taught locally since 1999 he has trained many of the acupuncturists in South Florida. Cameron is an online instructor for Pacific College of Health Sciences. He developed, wrote their popular Integrative Pain Management and Intergrative Case Management courses.

He is a former president of the Toyohari Association of North America, and former Vice President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association. He is a founding member of both the Florida and Seattle branches of the Toyohari Association, and has taught in many of the Toyohari training programs across the country. He has been published numerous times. He currently a senior instructor with the Ocean Breeze Hari Society.  

Cameron was also the "On call acupuncturist" for over a decade at the Trump Spa at Mar-a-lago. He has also worked with many musicians, and athletes-including top ranked golfers, surfers, skaters, body builders, martial artists, MMA fighters, field soccer players, barefoot beach soccer players, professional dancers, and tri-athletes. Not only has he worked with sports injuries, but also sports enhancement. Cameron has also worked successfully in long term health transformation for the unwell. 

Cameron currently teaches Miyamoto Musashi's sword style he learned in Kumamoto, Japan at the Musashi Dojo. He also earned a second degree black belt in Seidoryu Shobukan Aikido and is licensed to teach (Menkyo- Shidoin). He returns frequently to Japan to study. Cameron enjoys many water sports including surfing, paddle boarding, swiming, and snorkeling.




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