Getting a Baby on Board: Oriental Medicine and Fertility

Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac

A wise woman once told me that all fertility treatments can be summed up easily. The womb in Chinese Medicine is called the Zigong or the "Baby's Palace." She said, "You simply need to keep it warm, happy and well nourished, and a baby will want to come and grow there." You may be surprised to know that some foods, life style, stress and poor nutrition can often lead to problems conceiving, especially after everything else has been ruled out. Start living as you are pregnant now with your health. 


Getting Ready for Pregnancy 

I am always surprised how much a couple is in a rush to have a baby. There seems to be a roller coaster of emotions from rushing anxiety, frustration, and eventually resonation that nature has its own will. After a couple knows they're pregnant, they want to prepare a crib room. It is even more important before you start trying, to prepare your womb


 Factors to Watch for You and Your Spouse:

  • Too Much or Too Little Exercise 
  • Too Much Stress
  • Overworking
  • Long Hours of Work
  • Late Nights at Work
  • Poor Eating
  • Eating Inconsistently
  • Too Many Processed Foods
  • Intoxicants


Watch What You Eat

Chinese Medicine talks about having a cold uterus. It equates to a lack of blood nutrition and literal warmth within the body in western physiology.  Warming foods are much better for you; however, a diet catered to your own constitution works the best. The easiest rule is to avoid processed food as much as possible. You are building blood and energy reserves for yourself and your baby. Discontinue the use of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as these additives restrict blood flow. This is the best worst time to think about dieting and the best time to take your prenatal vitamins.


Get Your Body in Shape

Moving your body keeps the blood and lymph flowing. A healthy body wants to conceive. An overly taxed body does not want to use its reserves for conception. Be gentle to yourself. Think as if you are borrowing your body for awhile!


Get your Spouse in Shape

You need a healthy Dad for many reasons. Have his sperm count tested. Acupuncture and herbs can help, but it may take time. Stress, poor diet, medications, intoxicants can all limit your partner's fertility too. The sperm used in conception are produced a couple months before and therefore the male needs to also be cultivating a healthy lifestyle. You might add in praying or mediating together to add a spiritual component to your other lifestyle changes. 


Simply Ask Yourself:

If you were a baby looking to come into your womb, would you want to be in your life? Prepare yourself, your home and partner.


Having a Healthy Pregnancy:

Follow your doctor's instructions and timeline for check ups.  Seek Acupuncture to try to avoid medications, for morning sickness, headaches, colds, back pain and labor preparation. Start prenatal yoga and deep breathing training early. 


One Last Thought

Each positive step for your health can increase your odds in conceiving, lead to an easier labor and delivery, and increase the health of your baby.